Collaboration for deploying networks. Get your fiber up and running.

In today's world, reliable internet service is no longer viewed as a luxury - it's a necessity. Society is demanding that access to faster service be implemented now. It may seem like major communication conglomerates like AT&T and Verizon have a stronghold on communication services, but municipal utility companies may already have the tools at hand to challenge the consortium’s footing on fiber networks.

3-GIS explores the advantages and challenges facing utility companies breaking into telecommunications on this inaugural episode of “Fiberside Chat.”

President of 3-GIS Dustin Sutton joins the podcast along with experienced utility workers Michael Measels, VP of Product Management, and Jimmy Hall, VP of Product and Engineering Services. The three dive right into detailing how existing utility companies and co-ops are prepared to expand their services beyond just electric, water or gas.

With energy conservation and efficiency pushing utility companies to evolve, the telecommunications market offers similar profits and revenue, explained Measels and Hall.

Expanding into this field may not be as far-fetched as some utility businesses may think. In fact, with established networks, experienced field crews, developed administrations, existing infrastructure and pre-existing relationships, utility companies have many resources skilled to succeed in implementing a fiber network. 

Though the road to installing fiber networks is not easy, Sutton details the roadblocks, challenges and tools available to help companies make the transition. Sutton shares his experience working with over 70 different international telecommunications companies’ fiber networks in this episode of “Fiberside Chat."